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3 apartments for sale in Gudauri

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

We sell our apartments in Penta Invest building. Complex built in 2008. Located next to Hotel Club 2100. Ski in right to the Pirvely ski lift and ski out to the building from Soliko. There is a paths both sides so you don't need to walk or carry your ski. Start and finish at the building.

Studio Erti, 21 sqm, 1 bedroom apartment Ori, 48 sqm and 2 bedrooms apartment Sami, 71 sqm.

We bought it in 2012 and since then it brought us a lot of opportunities to develop business here in Gudauri. Now we want to move further with another types of activities.

So Erti Studio and 1 bedroom ORI are on the same floor, door to door. Total space for both apartment around 70 sqm, and they can be joint together. Or remain separate. Total can host 6-7 guests. 2 in Erti and 4-5 in Ori. There is a balcony in Ori with nice view over the valley.

Sami - 2 bedrooms apartment on the 7th floor with even greater view over the valley from the balcony. Its 71 sqm, may host 6-7 guests. In Sami we have spacious storage room which you can convert into second bathroom or even sauna.

You also may build fire place in this apartment as it is close to the roof.

We very carefully maintained these apartments. It is fresh, never smoked and annually before each season fixed.

There are 3 boxes and 3 ski racks in the ski-depo on the 1st floor, belonged to us, which will be sold together with apartments.

Total cost for the 3 apartments per year about 2500 usd. We don't have debts for any payments or any other problems. Also we don't pay any realty estate taxes as it is not required. So far.

Apartment were rented out through out the winter season and at least 85% dates were occupied. However you may increase it and have summer gusts easily if will be more flexible with type of guests. We did not allow parties or anything like that. And did not much promote apartments during summer.

We also may continue to maintain rental service in your interests, if you have no possibility to do it, using our well developed account on booking, airbnb etc.

Price per sqm. - 1350 usd for the ready to use apartments with all amenities (furniture, devices, bed linings etc) And in case of real interest to buy all 3 apartments we may negotiate the price.

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