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Camper Van in Gudauri

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Gudauri still develops and many facilities we get used to have on European resorts here is either not exist or just at the beginning of the story.

In Gudauri there is no campsite neither for vans nor for tents. Ok, in winter it is highly unlikely that someone want to stay in a tent. However we already see some vans, timidly hidden in a far corners of public parking lots in Gudauri, without access to the resources they need: water, electricity and hot shower, who has solar batteries on roof and another signs of semi-autonomy.

That is not fair. We like ourselves to travel by car and stay in camps rather then at any 4-5 stars hotels. Not because of budget but of community and atmosphere.

Therefore we decided to offer Camper Van Fans our parking near Chalet. We may host up to 2 Vans in winter and up to 5 cars during summer (snow from the roof is the main reason of this limitation).

We have electricity sockets outside the house. Small shower, toilet and even kitchen for the van's usage only. Of course Wifi and during next summer we will build outside kitchen with comfortable BBQ area and hot tube!

So if you get used to pass Gudauri because it is not VAN friendly, now you may have a pit-stop and even spend days or week at our private parking near Chalet.


  • electricity

  • hot water

  • shower and toilet

  • compressor

  • wifi

  • kitchen and BBQ area

  • ski in ski out from the parking.

  • PET friendly. Of course!

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