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Discovering surroundings

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

We left Moscow: Big city. Crowded city. Noisy city. City that never sleeps. Changed it to simple life in mountains where the main event of the day is flock of sheep passing the road or walking in the nearest hill.

Off-season time in Gudauri definitely "dead" time for those who live here year round.

Summer tourists, couple caffes and restaurants and lifts which operate only on week-ends ... In October you barely see anyone. Lifts are on the maintains. Hotels preparing for the winter season. Sun is shining. Snow covers only peaks. Warm and cold. Silence and Solitude.

What to do if you are here like us, risking to stick to the sofa on PURI diet (puri - very tasty Georgian bread).

We came at the end of October to prepare our Chalets and apartments for the winter 21/20. And the only way to fight with puri is trail-running, discovering Gudauri surroundings. Until snow covers slopes and we will be able to ski-tour and skiing.

We won't tell you how to train to become great trail-runner and win UTMB (Ultra trails du MontBlanc). But we definitely will discover and show many of new routs just outside the door of the Chalet or within 5-10 min. drive.

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