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Flat running around Gudauri along Aragvi river

Just day before snow made trail running in mountains almost impossible we decided for a change to run by flat surfaces. Run fast and with low pitch. On the way to Mleta village just in the middle of serpantine road down from Gudauri, there is the unpaved road down to Aragvi river. In summer time you may have fun on Quadro - from the road, along Aragvi river to artificial lake - part of hydroelectric station.

So our goal was to run slightly up till the lake and then by the same path as fast as possible run down.

This valley paragladers very often use as a landing base. Therefore during your run you may watch this "large birds" slowly descending to the river

The elevation you gain during the run - around 400 meters. The distance to the lake 6 km.

There is nothing much to say about this rout. It is easy, relatively long flat surface (not so many around) , it is minus 300 meters from Gudauri's altitude, and if you feed up with running up, it is a good rout to have a rest day or interval/fast running.

If you want to make it more difficult and slightly change the scenery, to look to Gudauri from another side, then instead of running to the lake, you may climb up to the hill on the other side of Aragvi.

Cross the river by bridge. You will see abandoned Ossetian village. Take the path up there (from the right side of the white house) until you reach the top of the ridge. However this part is available only in the mid season as during summer there is a shepherd's base-town and highly likely shepard's dog won't be very happy to see you running around sheep. I would say - they definitely will be very against.

Up on the hill you will find ruins of the old village and probably parts of Swans towers.


Flat part is 13,8 km if to start from the Military Highway

Highest point 1931 m.

Climb 380 m, 18 m per km. So it's very easy ascend.

The second rout is

7 km, start also from the Military Highway

Highest point 2096 m.

Climb 262 m, 170 m per km.

No facilities. Stony road.

Let it snow Let it snow Let it Snow. We switch to skitouring.

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