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From Mountain Cricket Chalet to Sadzeli lift

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Starting point: the door of Mountain cricket Chalet.

Rout goes slightly up by the stone road which in summer season uses mostly by local cars to go up to the restaurants and caffe near by the top of Gondola and other lifts.

Running up is easy and smooth. In average its 50m/km climbing which is quite comfortable for regular training.

The only difficulty is the elevation: starting point is 2200 m above sea level. Finish is about 2700. Whole climbing to Sadzeli lift - 500 meters.

Smooth. Easy. Safe. Can be more complicated if leave the road and climb directly by hills.

Running down from Sadzeli lift back home is also great to train this skill. Again, you can go directly by hills/grass rather than stone road. Surface is softer, running down is less "painful" for both - knees and feet.

Grab your dog (if you have one) or local - there are plenty of them and they will be happy to join and run with you.

Rout Itinerary:

Distance: 10 km

Surface: stone road or grassy hills with boulders

Timing: 40 min to 1,5 h depending on your form and photo hunting

Climb: 500-550 meters

Elevation: 2200-2700

Facilities: in the off-season caffe and bars are closed. Take water with you. At the top of the hill there is the artificial pond created for snowing machine. We haven't try to swim but next summer wakeboarding station will be opened there. Hope so..

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