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From Gudauri to Mt. Kazbek

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

The rout to the most impressive summit of Caucasus mountains will take about half an hour driving from Gudauri by paved road through Jvari (Cross) Pass to Stefanstminda village.

Kazbek is 5038 meters high summit. During summer season hundreds of mountaineers from around the world storm and reach the top of it. It will take from 4 to 6 days (depending on acclimatisation) to reach the summit and return to Stefantsminda - traditional Georgian village.

However for trail-runner reaching the summit isn't the goal. Instead you may run to the beginning of Gergety glacier: technically very easy rout however requires a lot of stamina and effort. In average you will climb 170-200 meter/per km. Total rout is about 15-17 km (return)

Every year in September arrange the trail running competition (14, 18 and 25 km). So you have a chance to discover this rout on your own.

Path starts on 2160 alt. from parking near by impressive Gergety Tsminda Sameba (church).

Right from the parking you will climb by steep path about 100 meters. Then half flat half steep rout another couple km up to Sabertce pass (2800) from which you will have a grandiose view of the Valley, the Gergety glacier and the Summit. You may stop here and run back or continue by the moraine rout to the Glacier.

Run is mixed with steep and flat parts, technical and very smooth surfaces. It's will be good training for both run up and down.

Have we mentioned the view. It is Fantastic.


From Stefansminda by car or by feet: 20m to 1h running. From the church 1-2h run or hike to the pass. and another 1 or 2 hour hike or run to the Glacier.

Distance 15-17 km

Surface: grassy hills with boulders and moraine surface after Sabertce pass. During summer season be ready to cross creeks.

Elevation: 2160 (parking) - 3 321 (Gergeti glacier).

Climb: 1400 m.

Facility: during summer season there is a hut on the the way to glacier with small caffe, spring, shelter (if you need it).

Difficulty: medium. Quit windy. Hat/bandana, gloves (for autumn), puffy and Gore-tex jackets highly recommended to have in your backpack.

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