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Jvari Pass

Jvari or Cross pass ( 2 379) is the part of Georgian Military road. and the pass thought the Main Caucasus ridge. In the winter time often become blocked by the avalanches and many... hundreds of cars can not go to and back from Russia for days.

From Gudauri to Cross pass approximately 6-8 km by the road. Got its name in 1824 when the Cross was installed to mark the pass.

When you run or drive to Jvari you pass another famous attraction: Russian Georgian Friendship Monument.

It was erected by the Soviets in 1983. The famous Georgian architect Giorgi designed it and placed it on a spot offering a spectacular view over the surrounding landscape and very impressive Devils gorge.

The massive round “friendship” monument still looks out over Devil’s Valley and the Caucasus Mountains. The nearest peak - Deda Ena (3500 m.) Year around we see tourists from around the world. Monument barely stays without guests.

So about the trail to Cross Pass. You don't need to use military road. There are plenty of technical roads in the mountains which are used to maintain for Electricity, water, gas etc facilities. It is wide, not steep at all and rather comfortable for relaxing running.

I start from my house, take all dogs who want to join me and run slightly up heading to Russian border. 1/2 of the path is very easy. It is little up, little down. 2nd part after Friendship Monument - accent to Cross pass is steeper . However from Gudauri to the Pass it will take from 20 to 40 min depending on your form or goals. Good running for recovery day. However you can easily made it much much harder if on the return will climb up to Mt. Bidara's hills instead of using same path.

Itinerary Distance 8-10 km. Surface: stones, clay. Elevation: 2200 (Chalet) - 2 433 (Cross) Climb: 250-300 m. (from 30 to 100 m./km) Facility: small cafes and even BBQ near Friendship monument Difficulty: very easy. Can be very windy on the pass. In winter beware of avalanches.

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