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Run to Mt. Chrdili Peak

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

The most impressive pictures i see from trail-running races photo reports is trail-runner storm the ridge.

It can be hilly or rocky, wide or narrow, risky or relatively easy. But each time i feel like my palms heavily sweat, looking at athletes running by the edge of cornice.

There are plenty ridges i see from my window but most of the on the other side and requires some driving. I will get there one day. No doubts.

The nearest ridge easily accessible right from Gudauri is hilly mountain with hardly pronounceable name Chrdili. It's 2500 meters high. However climb is tough. 180 m per one km.

I have started as always right from my house. And part of the rout was by the same stone road. In the middle i left it and headed to Mt. Chrdiili bottom. Ascent starts at the 2300 alt. And approximately in 15 to 30 min (depending on you form) you will reach the top of it.

My 9 years old husky dog refused to believe that he have to climb up there too and ran along the hill back and forth 50 meters below, so i reached the summit 15 min before him.

And this job was richly rewarded. OMG... On the top i saw not only Gudauri resort. The other side of the ridge reveals Khado valley - place of hundreds Swan's towers. It's immersive, huge, fabulous. Endless valleys, hidden towers and ruins of churches and villages. Highly remote area, inhabitant mostly in summer time. In winter it's blocked by snow. Rare enthusiast do the backcountry tour to Khado valley during winter. However freeride by untouched snow worth all efforts and fatigue.


From Mountain cricket Chalet up by the stone road till the middle of the hill and then to the right alone the ski slopes till the bottom of Mt Chrdili.

Distance: depends. However my rout was about 9 km

Surface: stone, grassy hills with boulders, clay

Elevation: 2200 - 2500 meters

Climb: 400m.

Facility: those which operates in Gudauri

Difficulty: medium. Ascent is tough but quick. Only 200m.

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