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Why i don't like so called New Gudauri...

Of course i can't be objective as our opportunities are out of these new modern district. And yes, New Gudauri is the centre of Ski-resort life.

However i will try to be honest and give you my reasons why i myself wouldn't stay there and won't recommend to my friends. It is totally my opinion, nothing personal and even not about business.


  1. Complexes are built very close to each other. Therefore the beautiful view has only those buildings, located around the perimeter. Complexes and windows inside perimeter has neither view, nor sun.

2. Ski in/ski out. For me true "ski in" it's when you put your skis on right at the building entrance. And can ski down as well to the entrance. In New Gudauri - 1st row complexes faced to the Gondola lift indeed have ski in/ski out, but most of the newly built will require 5 to 10 min walk by badly cleaned sidewalks.. In ski boots by iced, narrow sidewalks.

3. No one never properly clean sidewalks from snow. As a result new Gudauri has narrow footpaths, iced, uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous to walk. Actually those narrow paths made by people naturally. We've never seen anyone with shovel after heavy snow fall.

To be completely honest it is common problem in whole village however we clean area around our houses regularly during heavy snow to keep it walkable. And regularly remove icicles from roof.

4. Pay attention to the size of the apartment. 80% of apartments - are 25-30 sqm. Because easier to sell. Price for new ap. varies from 21 000 to 30 000 USD. Owner put bank beds and offers it for 4 guests. There are not so many spacious apartment in New Gudauri. Those which are large than 40-50 sqm. - quite costly.

5. Heavy car traffic. During week-ends and on holidays police may block the road to New Gudauri because there are no neither parking for cars coming from Tbilisi, nor roads to drive safely between walking tourists. Therefore tourist's cars who stay there or live permanently and have no underground parking, leave cars on the boulder drifts, risking to be damaged by the snow falling from the roof. And if you arrive to Gudauri on week-end, be ready to spend time in traffic jam just in 500 meters from rented place.

6. Crowds. Crowds. Crowds. All day long. Tourists coming from Tbilisi on excursion just for one day (from Dubai, for example, to see real snow). Tbilisi's citizens coming for week-end to ski... etc etc etc. You will never feel lonely there.

7. Of course it very depends on you, however if you sleep lightly you might not sleep well. As complexes were built cheap and quick - soundproof insulations not very qualitative. Slamming doors, yelling drunk people on the street - all of that will be in your bedroom. Georgian guys like arrange parties in the apartments.


  1. Yes, it has a lot of restaurants just next to the apartments.

  2. And yes, it has market Spar, vine shops, shops with ski clothes...

  3. Ski rent.

  4. Spa and pool.

  5. Bars and night clubs

  6. Yes, you may have a walk. Short and by uncleaned sidewalks but New Gudauri has promenade area. True.

  7. And of course ski lift - Gondola.

  8. And if you like to be in epicentre, surrounded by people, then all minuses easily revert to pluses.

However, most of the other parts of Gudauri have needed facilities: cafes, restaurants, markets, ski rental - you will easily find everywhere.

And real/true ski in/ski out from the building entrance can be found also in most parts of Gudauri. You just need carefully look at the map and locate ski lift stations. Everything that is upper those stations highly likely will have ratrack paths either to lifts or to pistes which lead you to chair lifts or Gondola. Trust us - all of hoteliers understand how important to have ski in/ski out and invest into the paths creation.

You will find all needed facilities in the most parts of Gudauri. However not all of them are so noisy and crowded.

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