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Mountain Chalet from true Karelian wood... In Georgia

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

We dreamed about true chalet for our home base in Georgian Mountains. But there are no neither culture nor wood to build dream wooden house in Gudauri.

Impossible is nothing.

Our house built from Karelian wood also known as "Kelo" House. It's very certain pine that has dried up in specific regions of Karelia - in swamps, blown by wind and frozen by the northern climate. Therefore, this pine is very dense, hard and hardly shrinks over time.

The color of pine is mostly grey which gives the house unique appearance and atmosphere.

It took us 2 year to collect, build the house in Saint-Petersburg by Russian craftsmen and deliver to Gudauri by 5 lorries. And certainly there is no second one like our in Gudauri and probably in whole Georgia.

Total area 450 sqm.

It consists with 3 floor: 1st floor apartment for 4 guests with bedroom, living room (with small kitchen) and bathroom. Sauna is also on the 1st floor.

Second floor has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathroom and spacious living room with kitchen and large veranda. Good for 4 or 6 guests

And 3d floor with bedroom, bathroom and small living room in case if you need to have extra space for 2 or 4 guests

We may host 10 to 14 guests depending if you willing to use living rooms as a bedroom.

Please see the video below and brochure for more information.

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